Links for my favorite BOOKS!

 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to getting you started on your creative journey. This book changed my life!

 Don't let the cheesy title deceive you! This book is INSANELY helpful in teaching you exactly how to really ALL of your biggest life goals. (Not just money!)

 The classic book for learning about the Law of Attraction.

 This is one of the books I inherited from my Grandfather, and I probably wouldn't have discovered it otherwise. It's great for learning more about how your brain operates.

 Great insights for artists.

 Fundamental How-to-Draw book.

 Easy, quick inspirational read.

 If you have a daughter, this book is one of the best gifts you can give her.

 If you are a woman struggling with self doubt, read this now and thank me later.

 You gotta learn to love yourself first.

 Fun to read, while covering big ideas.

 Another classic.

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